The Pomeranian is a double coated breed for a reason.
Their coat is much of what is indicative to the breed specifically,

and helps regulate the body temperature.
If you plan on shaving or cutting off the coat of a Pomeranian from Ragdoll Poms,

then you need to seek a dog from someone else.
We have strived for 20 years of selective breeding to have coats on our Pomeranians.
Please Fill out our Purchase Application to be considered for a Ragdoll Pomeranian.

Purchase Application
Nothing Available at this time

Write Shalon at Ragdollpom@aol.com if further interested.
Due to inquiries from buyers that have no intention on following through on a purchase,
We will answer serious emails only, and will set up a time for a phone call.
Please be advised before inquiring about our available Poms."
One line emails will not be answered.




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